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Islanders/NHL News Bits: Cup Final Party Time

As 2017-18 begins its final lap, some of you voted Josh Bailey goal of the year.

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NHL: San Jose Sharks at New York Islanders
I’m about to do this to you.
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Stanley Cup Final Game 1 kicks off tonight. Here are a few notes (and obligatory Isles links) to get you ready as a new first-time champion begins the final leg of its quest.

Enjoy the game. Our sibling sites on SB Nation for this series are Japers’ Rink (Capitals) and Knights on Ice (Vegas).


  • #12 in your program and #1 in your hearts, Josh Bailey gets Islanders Goal of the Year for that crazy through-the-legs marker against San Jose. Way back in October. [Isles]
  • “This is the only time I have ever read Simmons and hoped he was correct” Several updates to the Tavares Encyclopedia of free agency speculation. [LHH]
  • One of the updates is a really long post that clarifies yes, the Maple Leafs actually could use #91. [The Athletic]
  • Another one is a bullet from the Sunday Brooksie roundup, though it’s Yes, the team owners arranged the Lou (and Lou-Tavares) discussions. [Post]
  • Chris Osgood sees a little of his own journey in Marc-Andre Fleury, who he admires and has seen win, lose his job, get it back, and enjoy another rebirth. [NHL]

The League

  • Five keys to Golden Knights vs. Capitals, if you like numbered lists. [NHL]
  • George McPhee used to manage the Caps, whose roster is still mostly players he acquired. [SB Nation] Now he’s built the Golden Knights, who are good. [Newsday] That’s made for some awkward times before his longtime friend and former lieutenant, who got the job to replace him as Caps GM. [The Athletic]
  • The bond the Golden Knights developed with the city began from the get go, and was deepened by collective response to mass tragedy in the opening week of the season. [NHL]
  • You’ll be shocked, I’m sure, to hear league owners talk like concussions and CTE are things that are either a) under control or b) Huh? Never heard of it. [TSN]
  • If you want to hear Gary Bettman talk about things, here’s a link to his pre-Final presser (6 p.m. EDT). It’s tradition to mention the Islanders ownership or arena situation there. Will be kind of sad when that’s no longer a thing.
  • Creating a Canadian rivalry is an opportunity for the ECHL. [HEOTP]