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Islanders News: Lots of Lou Lamoriello talk

Like all things Isles, this will get tiring until it finally happens.

Norway v United States - 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship
THE MODERN MOBILE WORKFORCE: Anders Lee sets up his office in Denmark.
Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

No matter where you fall as an Islanders fan on the Lou Lamoriello speculation/rumors/dots-connecting, it’s clearly something that will drag out a bit and end in either 1) humiliation as they never reach an agreement and bitter fans trash them for it, or 2) consummation followed by nervousness as they make a deal with the (former) Devil, for good or for bad.

The longtime NHL executive has a distinct style and a track record that is second to few...although it’s a record that dipped considerably from its peak late ‘90s-early ‘00s peak.

The final years with the Devils can carry the “ownership turmoil asterisk,” a caveat Garth Snow knows well. The recent years with the Maple Leafs are good in several ways, questionable in others — and all with the caveat of it’s not clear which of the many powerful egos with the Leafs (direct-line-to-Shanahan coach Mike Babcock, new schooler and now GM Kyle Dubas, old schooler with draft influence Mark Hunter) was driving which decisions.

What stamp would he put on the organization where his son is an executive, the current GM is apparently on good terms (and every bit the fan of a CBA/salary cap loophole), and the owners have cast about for a new voice? Well there’d be no facial hair on players, apparently. Because that’s really important.

Islanders (Lou) Reading

  • So Canadian media insiders are “hearing” and one “confirming” that the club and Lou Lamoriello have had some sort of discussion about a role. That would have to be blessed by the Leafs, who still have him under contract.
  • Not that the Isles will confirm discussions, but you know... [Newsday]
  • There is a logic to it, one you know well. [Newsday]
  • He’d have to have final control on decisions though...wouldn’t he? [Post/Brooksie]
  • That doesn’t mean Snow/Weight are gone, just that...things would be evaluated. [Post]
  • Anders Lee scored a goal as the U.S. whooped Norway, 9-3. [IIHF]
  • That puts the U.S. a point away from wining their pool; Anders Nilsson recorded two assists (!) for Sweden. [Soundin’ Off]
  • Steve Simmons wrote some usual drivel about how the Leafs can land Tavares. No link needed (apparently Toronto would learn from their pitch to Stamkos, whom they simply loved too much), so check the updated Tavares Encyclopedia if you need more.


  • Wow, the Capitals overcame some bad calls and a 2-1 deficit to blitz the Lightning and open up a 2-0 series lead before heading back to Washington. [NHL | Japers’ Rink | Raw Charge] This is still gonna end in a Capitals kind of way, isn’t it?
  • Examining the creative chaos of the Golden Knights’ first line. [Sportsnet]
  • Ahead of Game 2 tonight...BREAKING NEWS: People notice that Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba are good. [TSN]
  • Vegas used Ryan Reaves in hopes of combating the Jets’ size. [Sportsnet]
  • Goalie Garret Sparks on the youngster who took over the Leafs from Lou: “Everything about Kyle Dubas stands out to me in comparison to your typical hockey mind. He’s different and that’s what people need. People need a difference. People need somebody who’s willing to make a difference. And he makes a difference for each guy in the room with the way he treats us and the way he sees us as humans...” [TSN]