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Gallery: New York Islanders 2017-18 season recapped by cats

An incredibly disappointing season made slightly less awful and a lot more furry.

Once again Lighthouse Hockey spent an entire season posting recaps of every Islanders game using cat pictures exclusively at our Facebook page. We call them Re-Cats.

Here is the final gallery of all 82 cats used this season. Each Re-Cat consists of three parts: the final score, a player of the game (usually for the winning team but not always) and a cat.

The gallery is embedded below or you can click here to visit our Facebook page and view the Re-Cats. Just click the first pic and scroll through. If you do visit our page - and I always feel filthy even asking this but - please give us a completely superficial and ultimately worthless "like."

Each game of the 2017-18 New York Islanders season, recapped Lighthouse Hockey's Facebook page exclusive Post-Game Re-Cats.Thanks for following.

Posted by Lighthouse Hockey on Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Re-Cats are clearly meant to be silly, shameless drivers of cheap social media heat. They’re not meant to be substitutes for full game stories or analysis from us or anyone else.

Sadly, this is the second straight year in which our Re-Cats end at Game No. 82. Nothing can make this disastrous season any less disastrous, but we hope that we could at least put a smile on some faces during each win and all those many losses. Thanks for following along.

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