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Islanders Gameday News: Johnny ‘T’ Leaves; Stooges: The Edmonton Oilers Story

Also, we say farewell to the best set of twins to ever grace NHL ice.

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NHL: New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers
The piping on these two’s jerseys flows continuously and it’s mesmerizing.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, commenters, readers: tonight’s game against the Flyers is the last of the season I will cover. It’s been... uh... a helluva season, to put it lightly. (It’s also Fan Appreciation Night - HA - but I will leave that low-hanging fruit for you folks to snack on.)

That being said, given the circumstances surrounding a certain captain that comes up again very soon, part of me doesn’t want this season to end, fearing it’s his last.

I want to thank you all for reading my angst the last two years. I imagine it can be difficult or annoying to peruse (it certainly is frustrating to write in this mode constantly) but, well, so are the Islanders.

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Islanders News

  • Now, much like myself, John Tavares strikes me as an awkward individual. I’m extremely guilty of saying “you too” when the waiter says “enjoy your meal.” So when he says he’s “looking forward to the future” in regard to the career of Mathew Barzal, to me, it may fall in that vain of politeness (what’s a king to a god, anyway). However, that may just be my Islanders Fan Pessimism kicking in... [Gross]
  • Michael Fornabaio laments winter’s brief return because there really ain’t much to report home on anymore. [Soundin’ Off]
  • Though, in lighter news, Kyle Schempp has earned praise and ice time for filling in admirably for Curly in his return. [CT Post]
  • David Quenneville’s WHL team was eliminated from the playoffs and Andre Durandeau’s QMJHL team is moving on. The organization, according to Staple, is trying hard to sign the former to an ELC, as they should. [Islanders]

NHL News

Last night’s NHL scores.

  • Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin - they’re twins, perhaps you’ve heard - jointly announced that this season will be their last. Incredible careers for the both of them; shame that 2011 team didn’t get them the Cup they deserve. They’re both first-ballot Hall of Famers, or they should be, at least. And, undeniably, they’ve been pillars of class throughout their entire careers. [The Athletic | NHL]
  • Don’t get it twisted, either: Canucks fans love the shit out of them, and rightfully so. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • And here the twins return the favor and thank the fans of the only NHL organization they’ve ever known. [NHL]
  • Also, bad news for the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes: Ryan Suter will be sitting dockside of one of them way too soon, his broken ankle ending his season. [NHL]
  • Success doesn’t come without a price: the Jets have had a wonderful season, but Jacob Trouba is going to command even more money than previously believed. [Nichols on McKenzie]
  • The Fighting Irish are preparing for their second straight Frozen Four. Anders Lee must be proud. [College Hockey News]
  • And finally, Oilers fans should be wary when the organization says it will “stay the course.” On the other hand, I think Oscar Klefbom would like Manhasset. [Edmonton Journal]