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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 51 - A Tribute to The Hockey Maven

Test runs, typos, turtles and other fun stories of clueless college kids working for a legend.

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Islanders Anxiety Art

With the Islanders quiet for the time being, Mike and Dan reminisce about their days as interns for the newly-retired Hockey Maven, Stan Fischler. They share stories about the responsibilities of working with the Maven and remember some memorable characters, generosity, laughs and moments they wouldn’t have experienced without him.

They also spend some time talking about the upcoming draft lottery and why it sucks watching other teams make moves and not theirs.

Links to a couple of Stan’s books that we mention:

  • Islanders vs. Rangers (with Zachary Weinstock) [available in both hardcover and ebook at Amazon]
  • The Subway: A Trip Through Time on New York’s Rapid Transit [Amazon]
  • Cracked Ice you’ll have to get used, but if you want to know more about the NHL’s tumultuous 90’s, it’s great. [Amazon]
  • The Ultimate Bad Boys: Hockey’s Greatest Fighters features interviews with some of the biggest enforcers of the era including Rich Pilon and Ken Belanger (who I mistakenly referred to as Ken Baumgartner in the podcast. Apologies). [Amazon]

For Fun:

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