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Islanders News: This isn’t Russia; Lee’s a good dude; Chemistry was right

Also: We have a Game 7 to announce...

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Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders
Name’s Anders. I score goals and do cool things.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A general manager was fired in the NHL yesterday.

Islanders News

  • The Islanders are supposedly among the teams expressing interest in KHL goalie Emil Garipov, and they are among the teams that Sasha Voynov is supposedly interested in. But in the latter case the interest is not mutual. [LHH]
  • Anders Lee is the Islanders nominee for the King Clancy Award for humanitarian efforts and being an awesome human. [Isles]
  • The Railers were eliminated from the ECHL playoffs last night, and Eamon McAdam is convinced the go-ahead goal with 2.5 seconds left in the first never crossed the line. [Telegram] A few more notes from the Railers’ inaugural season. [Telegram]
  • Rewind back to the days before omnipresent VCRs or Betamax (don’t ask) when the Islanders had an LP (don’t ask, it was vinyl before that was “dude, vinyl”) about the beginning of their dynasty. [Puck Junk]
  • Ilya Sorokin is 0-for-2 in KHL finals. [Isles Prospect Report]


Last night’s NHL scores: A few days ago John Tortorella said the Blue Jackets would be back for Game 7. ...They would not be back for Game 7. The Capitals closed out their series in Game 6 — setting up yet another date with the Penguins — while the Leafs, or more precisely Frederik Andersen, forced a Game 7 with Boston on Wednesday night.

In Columbus, frequent Vezina candidate Sergei Bobrovsky allowed a couple that hurt. Just like that, the Bue Jackets are done. DID BOB THROW THE SERIES ON ORDERS FROM PUTIN?

  • Somehow Bill Peters became this sought-after coach, and the combination of the Hurricanes changing owners and his own prescient out clause allowed him to flee to Calgary. But what defines his tenure in Raleigh? [Canes Country]
  • So anyway, officially now, Peters is the Flames’ coach. [M&G]
  • The Wild have fired, no we don’t say that; they’ve “relieved,” wait that’s not it either; oh this time they simply have not renewed Chuck Fletcher as GM. [NHL]
  • “I wanted someone new to come in and kind of shake it up.” I get all the “Oh look, the Wild actually did something while the Isles have not” riffs, but...I’m not ready to praise Craig Leipold, okay? He cares about hockey, sure, but the former Predators owner has a checkered ownership history at best. This is his “just DO something” move. [The Athletic]
  • Here’s the full slate of Clancy nominees from across the league. I assume Brooks Orpik’s work is penance for the savage toolery he performs on the ice. [NHL]
  • A scientific survey had 98% of Oilers fans approving of Chiarelli this time last year and thus he should not be canned. [Edmonton Journal & Water]
  • His, uh, “heavy hockey” approach hasn’t worked out so well though. [Edmonton Journal & Sanity]