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Islanders News: All Hail the 2017-18 FIG Champion - DoctorOsty!

Hockey news and notes for Islanders fans and one awards presentation.

To the victor goes the spoils. Seriously throw spoiled food in there it's a garbage can.

It was a long, hard battle. But in the end, there can be only one winner. This year, that winner is DoctorOsty, who fought hahd and smaht, went to the dirty areas, and had the necessary compete level to narrowly edge out some strong competition in our season-long First Islanders Goal pool.

Honorable mentions also to zack779 (2nd), Doc_Ad (3rd), SafeArbour (5th), and Ukiddinme (6th), all of whom scored at least 20 points. In an Sutter-like display of familial hockey excellence, DoctorOsty’s own son Dylan finished fourth.

Thank you to them and all of you for a fun competition in a disastrous to the point of wanting to shove a hockey stick up my Avery and twist it not-fun year.

While I’m at it, next year there will be a new twist, as you will be able to play the field. More on that as we get closer to next season. You know, if there is one. You never can be too sure with this team.

But enough of that for now. Without further ado, DocOs, come on up for the Stan- er- PA Parenteau Memorial Trophy!

Other Islanders and NHL news

  • Andrew Gross breaks down where we’re all at with the John Tavares free agency thing. Expect an update to the Encyclopedia later today.
  • The Sound Tigers lost to Hershey last night. Mercifully, their season ends today. [CT Post]
  • While their parent team has had more than its share of problems, Bridgeport has experienced its own unique brand of ineptitude during the last decade and a half. [CT Post]
  • At least we have the Railers, who evened their playoff series with Adirondack with a 2-0 win last night. [Telegram]
  • Congrats to way upstate Clinton, NY on winning the Kraft Hockeyville USA contest. They’ll get some rink updates and an NHL preseason game. []
  • Last night’s NHL scores. The Sharks and Jets are in command and David Pastrnak and the Bruins are just out here mauling the Maple Leafs without mercy. Today’s games start at 3 with Penguins-Flyers.