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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 50 - I Didn’t See Billy Joel There

Next time on: “The Real Housewives of the New York Islanders...”

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Islanders Anxiety Art

Arthur Staple of The Athletic was kind enough to join, so Mike and Dan bombarded him with question-rants in an attempt to make sense of the Islanders’ bizarre season ending media conference from earlier this week. They discuss what John Tavares might be thinking after seeing it, what the team might have been thinking by making it weird (twice) and what the owners might be thinking heading into the deepest parts of the offseason. Don’t expect any actual answers.

Later, the hosts laugh about the insane idea of a 17,000-seat arena out in Suffolk County among other Islanders and Long Island oddities.

So much has happened in the last few days that we haven’t even had time to address any of the Josh Ho-Sang stuff that’s been sort of a secondary storyline. Maybe in a later show. Also, the Soundcloud page has been neglected for a while, but will be updated this weekend. Sorry about that.


  • Art’s write-up of the media conference at The Athletic and his #Stapechat using the site’s fancy new interface from Wednesday. Subscription required.
  • The very strange missives the Islanders have put out over the last two days and Dan’s fake version of them.
  • Here’s the first article about the proposed arena project for Ronkonkoma via Newsday.
  • Mike mentioned the Midnight Judges, who were put into place by President John Adams to stack the judiciary deck in his favor.
  • Here’s a video from White Reaper, one of the bands Art mentions. The actress in the video is Alexandra Daddario, who was in Baywatch, San Andreas and True Detective, among many other credits:

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