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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 49 - I’m Just Sick of This Team


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Islanders Anxiety Art

This season’s Islanders will go down as one of the most disappointing incarnations of the franchise’s latest era. So Mike and Dan remember some other rosters that were just as bad but, because of the circumstances, are more fondly remembered. They laugh about legendary fights, angry nurses, weird-ass goal songs and the days of little to no expectations, while lamenting this season’s lost opportunities.

Parental warning: We usually edit explicit words, but this episode is uncensored.


  • Arthur Staple’s tweet about the dark days (that didn’t seem as dark):

And a response featuring Dan’s response:

  • Here’s a Newsday story on Norman Siegel, the lawyer now working on behalf of the Belmont arena opposition.
  • When talking about the legendary Night of Penguin Slaughter, we forgot to mention our story and one of the greatest headlines in this site’s history, courtesy of Mark.
  • In which a group of Islanders are accosted by a Nassau County nurse about how bad they are. [Newsday]
  • Our special theme song: Live is Life by OPUS. You remember it better as the Islanders goal song in 2010-11.

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