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Islanders News: Only eight points back

The Isles are on death row, the governor isn’t going to step in.

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NHL: New York Islanders at Calgary Flames
Gibson with the save.
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Technically the New York Islanders aren’t eliminated from the playoffs yet and anything can happen. We know this, in the name of Wade Dubielewicz, to be mathematically true.

But after last night’s results — Columbus is the latest team to beat the shattered Canadiens team that twice beat the Isles a couple of weeks ago — the Isles are now two teams and eight points back of the second-wild-card holding Devils with just 13 games to play.

I say this not to entertain you with math and standings, but to let you know we are aware some of you are All About The Tank, others are All About Keep Hope Alive, and still others have already left the scene to give the Mets a turn to bludgeon the life out of you.

Here at LHH we will carry on, as we always have — we’re now well-versed at end-of-season descents — and try to make sense of what comes next.

Islanders Reading

  • Christopher Gibson showing promise, yo. [Newsday]
  • No really, that Gibson guy is justifying an increased workload. [Newsday]
  • Alex Novet, Isles fan and Hockey-Graphs/The Athletic analytics maestro, appears on Winging it in Motown’s podcast to discuss the Isles, Josh Ho-Sang, and such. [WIIM]
  • Interesting thread here from Jim Baumbach on the process, environmental review, LIRR dilemma for the Belmont arena dream. [@jimbaumbach]


Last night’s scores: Alex Ovechkin scored his 600th as the Capitals won and took over first place in the Metro again. The Hurricanes lost (to the Rangers!) so they’re just one point ahead of the Isles still, if that matters.

  • Four former NHL goalies discuss how seriously skilled goalies like Carey Price and Braden Holtby can struggle so much, and it confirms how confidence is a thing and goalies are indeed voodoo. [The Athletic]
  • These here players have upped their level, yo. [ESPN]
  • This is a MUST SEE! because TSN has labeled it a MUST SEE! Flames coach curses at players because they got beat by the Islanders, basically. [TSN not clickbait at all | Puck Daddy a bit tamer]
  • They’re Just Like Us! Marc Bergevin has a tepid vote of confidence from ownership, though it’s not clear why. [Montreal Gazette | Includes bonus Rampant Tavares speculation because why not. It’s been added to the Encyclopedia].
  • Six coaches on the hot seat (Weight not mentioned, Quenneville is). [USA Today]
  • Nico Hischer is lovin’ life in the NHL and rounding out his game. [NY Hockey Journal]
  • Evander Kane is a complicated case because he’s surely dealing with racism know there’s also sexual offense allegations. [Mercury News]
  • Not so long ago, the Canadiens swept the Lightning in the playoffs. But the Lightning kept accumulating good (if small, or Russian) players while the Canadiens went for MOAR size. [The Athletic]
  • Apparently Minnesota fans routinely boost themselves by citing attendance for the annual high school championship tournament: “This attitude and behavior stems from a serious bout of insecurity. Minnesota strives for validation from the coasts. It’s an inherent insecurity.” [Hockey Wilderness]
  • It’s the annual “These collegians could be free agents and that might be important but probably not!” period. [The Athletic]