Butch Bingo - An attempt at making this fun

Been a while since I posted on here, but I just thought I'd pitch an idea that might make watching the Isles throw their playoff dreams down the toilet a little easier. It's helped me get through the annual sleep deprivation experiment that I go through watching the games (remember guys, I'm English, 7pm start means midnight for me), it doesn't have to involve drinking, but I find it helps more.

I present to you..... Butch Bingo.

Now, I haven't got all fancy and made a board or anything, but the concept is simple. Butch says a lot of phrases a lot of times in his commentary, pick your favourites (yes, with a 'u') and make a bingo board or some shit out of it. Every time he says it, mark it off and have a drink. Or don't, your call guys.

If you're stuck for ideas, examples include such classics as;

'I don't like that call'

'That's a penalty in today's game'

'You gotta keep your feet moving'

'Right in the toy department'

Bonus points for any mention of Bossy or the dynasty era.

Have fun with it. Best case scenario, you get drunk and they win. Worst case, they lose, you get drunk and hopefully don't remember and only have a hangover to deal with.

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