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Get 15% off Lighthouse Hockey T-Shirts All Weekend with this Code


LHH Arbour shirt 2

The title says it all. This weekend - from Black Friday through Cyber Monday - you can get 15& off all Lighthouse Hockey t-shirts using the code below:


Enter the code at checkout for savings.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it’s probably time to retire a few of these and maybe add some new ones, but if you have an Islanders fan in your life and need a gift for them, they’re still a unique item made for and by fellow fans.

My personal favorites are The Al Arbour, a gym-ready gray t-shirt featuring a signature quote and iconic glasses of the greatest coach the franchise ever had. Pick one up here.

LHH Arbour shirt 2

The Islanders are taking up temporary residence at their old home this season, but it’s not quite the same. The corporate collective-approved “NYCB Live Home of The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum” doesn’t roll easily off the tongue for anyone other than Brett Yormark, but you can remember the simpler good old days with our classic Gloriously Unsponsored t-shirt. Here they are.

Here’s a close-up of the Nassau Coliseum-inspired artwork.

Both shirts are also available in hoodie form! Those and all of our other shirts can be ordered from the standing store page link.

And, as always, our entire portion of the sales go directly to the Center for Dementia Research in Orangeburg, NY in donations made in the name of coach Al Arbour. You can read more about the donations at our store page.

So it for the holidays or for Radar or for yourself. But do it this weekend and get 15% off!