Sound Tigers Defeat Hershey Bears 2 - 1 : brief recap.

For those of you who followed along in person, or online through free to watch weekend the Sound Tigers held their own in a lower shooting game to win 2 - 1. Goals by C. Bourque, Bernier for the Tigers and Sgarbossa for the Bears. Smith lead the tigers to victory stopping 20/21 shots and Vanecek with the L stopping 20/22. Dal Colle had two assists tonight and Sanger and Toews were ever present on the PP.

The former Hershey Bear got the first goal of the game for the Tigers :

Sgarbossa got an oddman rush goal for the Bears after Toews and Sanger failed to capitalize on their own :

Bernier had the game game winner on the PP when he cleaned up the garbage on a bouncing shot I believe from Vandesompel, Dal Colle with the secondary assist.

Bellows got a great look when stealing the puck for a break the other way.

Also of note, Sanger, Dal Colle, and Toews looked great moving the puck to each other on the PP generated several one timer opportunities and looked to develop nice chemistry.

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