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Sartorial Endeavors: Islanders debuting latest 3rd jersey vs. Penguins

Sure, why not

The most interesting detail cannot be seen when worn.
“If this were at all legible you’d see what I mean.” —Fletch

The latest New York Islanders third jersey, and their first since shifting to the “none more black” threads upon their move to Brooklyn, will have its on-ice debut Thursday when they host the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The third were announced in late summer, but the first date for use was kept under wraps. Now thanks to their Twitter feed, we know they’ll kick off November — hopefully not their traditional slump-swooning “woe-vember” — with them.

So, enjoy I guess?

Ever since they ended years in the sartorial desert by returning to their proper current home-and-away scheme, I haven’t had much time or concern for third jerseys. The last third jersey that truly excited me was the one that signaled the return to their roots.

The rest is just merchandising.

But the Islanders players say they like them, perhaps without even being contractually or Lou-ly obligated to say so.


  • This one features a variation of their typical NY without the circle, the “Islanders” wordmark, nor the silhouette of Long Island. It’s similar to their Stadium Series and Brooklyn ones in that way.
  • The Long Island silhouette, one of the actual interesting details, is on the inside of the back collar, and thus never to actually be seen while the jersey is worn.
  • The blade on the stick of the Y in NY is adorned with the four-stripe dynasty pattern, made to look like hockey tape.
  • The numbers are orange, like when the team first launched before switching to white numbers outlined in orange.
  • I recall something about the “striping system” being refined or revolutionary or groundbreaking or something, but...oh just enjoy the game.
  • The Islanders will also wear the jerseys on November 13th versus Vancouver and the 24th against Carolina.