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Islanders Move One More Game to Coliseum for Tavares (sort of)

The Feb. 28 meeting with the Maple Leafs was originally set for Brooklyn.

San Jose Sharks v New York Islanders
Wait, did we come to the right place?
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Over the years and in the run-up to trying to re-sign him, the New York Islanders did several things to try and please that kid who finished third in Hart voting once.

Among those things, according to several “it is believed” reports, was scheduling even more games than originally planned at the renovated Nassau Coliseum this season.

Now the Islanders have moved one more 2017-18 game to the Coliseum, and it just happens to be the one where John Tavares visits New York in a Leafs uniform for the first time. Though it wasn’t made to please that #91 guy — the “past is the past,” as Lou says — it does change the dynamic of this significant final chapter in closure.

The Coliseum is where Tavares and his close teammates — most of whom the Islanders would typically trade or let walk in free agency — forged most of their memories over the years. True, their only playoff series win came at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but that rink has never captured the magic or the atmosphere.

The change of venue means the Islanders will actually play more home games in Nassau than Brooklyn this season. Though it’s a three-season arena-splitting plan, many are advocating that the Isles just go ahead and move back to Uniondale for the entirety of their pre-Belmont waiting period.

Regardless, moving this specific game means:

  • The final game of this season in Brooklyn now becomes Feb. 16 against the Oilers. (Unless further changes are made.)
  • If you already had tickets for this Fan Vengeance Night, you may be terribly inconvenienced, or terribly relieved.
  • According to Andrew Gross of Newsday, if you’re a full season ticket holder, it’s reported you’ll have the same seat you have for the other Nassau games. If you have another STH arrangement, you will be contacted by your ticket rep. If you bought a ticket from another vendor, contact them if you want a refund.
  • The atmosphere of this game will suddenly be much more intense, with a crowd well fueled by the pre-game tailgate.

There wasn’t a specific reason announced for the change. But crowds in Brooklyn have never been stellar (they’ve only played a couple home games thus far this season). They always pick up later in the season, but maybe this move makes more tickets move? Increases the chances for a sellout? Avoids the possible embarrassment of the former franchise star returning to a third-empty building?

Doesn’t really matter, just remember to update your calendar and your “I’m sending vibes” compass accordingly.