Americans 3, Sound Tigers 2 (OT): Third period effort dooms Tigers

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Ed.: Via FanPost, JBotte shares his impressions of the Sound Tigers' OT loss, with "Full disclosure: I'm a programmer not a writer."

Despite the Tigers entering the third period with the 2-1 lead the team was lucky to squeak out a point after being outshot 11-2 in the third.

In what looked like an early lead for the Tigers, Bellows was able to tip a bullet from Toews into the Rochester net early in the first only for the goal to be waived off for high sticking.

Here is that no-goal in slow motion:

First period had some good chances by both squads eventually leading to a Rochester Goal around the 5 minute mark. Guhle took a shot from the point that was tipped in.

Starting the 2nd period on the man advantage the Tigers were able to quickly even things up with a nice snipe by Sislo off an excellent Bellows feed.

Later on in the period the Tigers were able to pull ahead after a gutsy play in the d-zone by Bernier. Bernier separated the opposing team from the puck with a well timed hit and was able to spring St. Denis for a nice 2 on 1 and goal.

The second period ends with the Tigers up 2-1 on the Rochester. The period was ended with the Americans playing keep away on a delayed call against the Tigers. This means a full 2 minute pp for Rochester at the start of period 3.

As expected the Rochester PP leads to a nicea goal by Zach Redmond of the Americans

It seems the Tigers could not gain any momentum follwing that early goal and were outshot 11-2 over the course of the period. Something to note is that Thompson may have been playing for OT as it seems that Sanger and Dal Colle did not see any ice time at the end of the 3rd including some 4v4 time

Ot seemed disjointed with some missed passes by both teams ending with a goal by the Americans Olofsson.


  • Toews looks great with an assist tonight
  • Aho looks poised as usual
  • Ho-Sang and Dal Colle are finding chemistry and had some good chances
  • Whole team needs more defensive structure and Thompson needs to figure out how to calm them when the ice seems tilted.
  • I'd love to see the youth getting more ice time together.

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