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Islanders News: Fatigue, injuries, oh and bleeding shots

The Islanders have many reasons for performing like they have for most of the last six weeks.

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New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders
“Like, I just want three defensemen. Can I have three, please? Prosim?”
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

For those of us alarmed by the Islanders’ performance over the last seven weeks, I’ll intervene to at least concede this: Yes, they are an injury-ravaged team playing on a traveling back-to-back (arriving home at 3:30 a.m. sucks, I know from recent family “upper body” hospital visits) against a rested local team.

Doug Weight’s post-game press conference was...”forgiving” isn’t the right word, but maybe “empathetic.” He conceded that he’s “not looking for a violin here,” but the injuries and schedule are indeed a hardship in the world’s best league.

It probably “helps” his point that two of the Islanders’ best players made critical mistakes that led to goals last night. Weight talked about “mental fatigue” when interpreting their decision-making. John Tavares — one of the key players who made a mistake trying to do too much — did offer the counterpoint that “we weren’t very good last night [in Montreal, the Greiss Theft victory] either.”

Whatever. The Isles have played poorly two out of the three games coming out of the bye break. They have four of a possible six points to show for it though. The imposing Bruins loom Thursday. Shane Prince joined the injury list last night. (Add to all of this the win over the Devils heading into the break, another time they were pretty well outplayed even if they escaped with two points.)

Combine all these hardship factors, and Thomas Hickey playing up on’s almost enough to make a fan think maybe what could it hurt to call up Joshua Ho-Sang, flaws and all?


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  • Speaking of which, the Canadiens agree Barzal is awesome (and see his “hair flapping in the wind,” the “toughest matchup”) and also: the injured Josh Bailey will skate today. [Newsday]
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  • Pronman’s top 50 prospects includes some Aho, some honorable mention for Ho-Sang and Bellows. [Athletic, subscriber]


  • Back in the day, Whalers/Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos tried to get an expansion team for St. Petersberg (Florida, not Russia). [Canes Country]
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  • The Hawks are worried Corey Crawford will be out for the season. [PHT]
  • I received a weird press release/headline about Kid Rock being thrilled to be featured in the All-Star weekend and I don’t care but this story is probably based on that. [Puck Daddy]