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Islanders News: Steph Curry... knows the Islanders... exist??? No that can't be right

And a whole lot of other news.

The Tavares triple team.
The Tavares triple team.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still in disbelief. Not only did he show up on Long Island, he knew who John Tavares was and his situation. Not that it means much but holy fish paste!

After a slow day yesterday, today is chock-full of news. Buckle up, or something.

Islanders News

  • As stated like only once or twice already, Steph Curry was at Sebonack Golf Club at the same time as the Islanders Captains Retreat golf outing. Tavares, already starstruck being surrounded by Islanders legends, was further floored after meeting Curry. I, too, am floored that Steph Curry and the Islanders were ever mentioned in the same thought. (Tavares also talked contracts, but no one cares about that, right?) [Newsday |]
  • Did I mention Tavares talked about a contract extension? I don't recall doing anything like that. []
  • Speaking of the Captains Retreat, former Isles captains aren't all that enthused about the team's future. Me too, Clark Gillies. [Newsday]
  • Many Islanders skated for the first time yesterday. Among them was Jordan Eberle, joining his new teammates for the first time. He is, as you might imagine, excited to embrace a new start. [Newsday |]
  • Tavares' teammates don't expect his lack of an extension to be a distraction this season. That being said, it is completely a distraction. I mean, look how much has been said and written about it. The season hasn't even started yet. [Newsday]
  • The Worcester Railers are hoping to maintain a sustainable minor league team where the Ice Cats and Sharks of yesteryear failed. [Worcester Business Journal]
  • The NHL recently announced the Declaration of Principles, an outline of eight principles that would supposedly improve the experience of hockey. Pat LaFontaine was the driving force behind it, so he stopped by NHL Tonight to discuss it and other things. He also stopped by to discuss his Hockey Life. [NHL Tonight |]


  • The Declaration of Principles caught the eye of Pope Francis, who sent a letter of endorsement to the NHL. [Puck Daddy]
  • Among the Principles are adding an extra year of development to a player's career, which could entail the NHL increasing the draft age in future years. [Sportsnet]
  • Former Islander Chef Bruno Gervais has announced his retirement from playing hockey. His cooking career is hopefully about to take off. [Raw Charge]
  • The NHL is introducing a rule that gives a penalty to a challenging team if the challenge fails. Added pressure! [SBN | Sportsnet]
  • The NHL remembers fondly the Los Angeles Kings first training camp 50 years ago. []
  • Kyle Okposo is eager to get back on the ice with the Sabres now that he's fully healthy. Good luck, Kyle. []
  • If you read or post FanPosts, click here to take a survey that would improve them in the future. [SBN]
  • Hurricane Irma is a monstrous storm that is bearing down on the Caribbean and Florida. The Panthers, based near Miami, are right in the path, and they and their arena, the BB&T Center, are offering support and shelter. []