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Islanders News: Ladd sort of clues us in; Red Wings spinning their winged wheels

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Also, Matt O'Connor is trying to revive his career.

John Tavares and his Laddy (Daddy).
John Tavares and his Laddy (Daddy).
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Very little Bits today, but here ya go, folks.

Islanders News

There are no articles to link to, but there's this piece of news/non-news:

This seems like it could be something, but obviously nothing definitive. Intentional vagueness, my favorite.

Atlantic Division Snippets

  • The Red Wings have signed Robbie Russo, a former Isles draft pick they didn't qualify, to a two-year deal. No matter, though. Russo ain't nothing to worry about - this isn't a Jared Spurgeon situation. [Winging it in Motown]
  • The Red Wings are also in danger of losing Andreas Athanasiou to the KHL, probably because they can't afford him after all the deals Stanley Cup-Winning (capital 'W'!) GM Ken Holland handed out. [SBN]
  • Matt O'Connor, a goalie signed by the Senators out of school and written off by them, is trying to break back into the NHL with the Predators. [Sportsnet]