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Islanders News: Just waiting for hockey

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And reading other reaches from around the league

New York Islanders Fan Rally With Performance By Blue Oyster Cult
Sparky’s always ready.
Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images

We really have no interesting Islanders updates to share, so...hope you had a good Labor Day! (If you’re so lucky.)

Kind of Tangentially Here

In light of that, let’s enjoy a Pierre Turgeon classic from 1993, an OT winner for his 50th of a career season. Nice celebration there at the Garden. (Also: Huh, guess Messier wasn’t always a brilliant leader like the myths claim? I thought he single-handedly willed men to victory?):

We’ve got nothing, so...hey you know about the #IslesHopping travel promotion, right?

Digesting the signing of Thomas Vanek, Canucks edition. [Nucks Misconduct]

Neither Here Nor There

It was a (U.S.) holiday. Did you check out Dan’s latest project yet?

Mostly There

  • The top 25 NHL prospects in the NCAA include a lot from BU. (But not Kieffer Bellows, he’s moved on...) [SB Nation]
  • What can the Blue Jackets expect of Artemi Panarin? (More than Saad, we presume.) [The Cannon]
  • The Sedins are pending UFAs but the Canucks have no intention of trading them in their final season. [NHL]
  • The Flyers may take it slow with Nolan Patrick. [Inquirer]
  • More of the same on the “Matt Duchene would’ve liked to this be over by now, honestly” thing. [MHH]
  • These are 10 things the Oilers would have to do to claim their first division title in 26 years. [Copper & Blue]
  • Ken Hitchcock talks about things, like maybe Jason Spezza to the wing. [Sportsday]
  • Now that Claude Julien has a full season to put his mark on the Canadiens, what were his hallmarks during his Bruins tenure? [HEOTP]
  • Ten years ago Henrik’s brother scored the goal of his life but the Canucks had 10 power plays against Dallas so... [Defending Big D]