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Josh Ho-Sang’s fisherman basketball jersey is better than any Nets jersey

Yes, this is news.

Ho-Sang fisherman basketball jersey @66jhosang on Instagram

Hot on the, uh, heels of his cool custom skates comes Josh Ho-Sang’s latest fashion statement: a basketball jersey in the style of the late, lamented and weirdly hot now Islanders Fisherman uniforms.

Dang. Looks good on him. The wavy trim and Long Island in the back are nice touches.

Rocking the past, dreaming of the future

A post shared by josh ho-sang (@66jhosang) on

And because Josh is a very philosophical and thoughtful young man, he threw in an inspirational quote for the season to go along with the jersey.

Rocking the past, dreaming of the future

Hey man, welcome to our world.

I myself can’t really wear basketball jerseys since my arms are very pasty, very doughy and currently still recovering from a second bout of poison ivy from this summer. But I hope to see these take off. Maybe either the G-League’s Long Island Nets or the Islanders’ current Barclays Center roommates could wear them as an alternate this season. To quote Cosmo Kramer to Jerry when it came to the Puffy Shirt, “this is better than anything you have.”

Some things don’t go out of style.