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Islanders News: Gionta coup

That’s the best pun we could come up with for the day’s news.

New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders
We’re going all Gionta photos, all the time.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Is Wednesday, middle of week. Why you have to be mad?

Islanders Reading

  • The offseason bombshell you were waiting for: Stephen Gionta, signed to a two-way deal. [LHH | Isles | Newsday | Soundin’ Off]
  • Islanders exec and former player Claude Loiselle apparently helped the Adirondack Thunder, now a Devils affiliate, find a head coach. [Post Star]
  • A reminder to weigh in (like, in comments too, not just the poll) on the possibility of a Second Periodic-ual LHH Pick-Up Ice Hockey Game. [LHH Fanpost]

Elsewhere, It Seems

  • The argument is a little more caveat-heavy than the headline, but here’s why the Capitals are poised to take a step backwards, maybe. [TSN]
  • An inside look at the Colorado Avalanche, and it ain’t pretty. [NHL]
  • But they’ve got a player in the NHL Top 25 Under 25! (Nathan MacKinnon.) [SB Nation]
  • The latest in the “What if?” series erroneously asks what if the Blues had drafted Jonathan Toews instead of Erik Johnson, rather than what if Edward J. Houston never took Scott Stevens from them, or if Ron Caron never traded 20% of a first-place team for Garth Butcher. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Red Wings have some cap problems, so much so that their GM is conceding possibly having to make a trade during training camp, if no one suffers a Martinek/Boulton type of timely malady. [NHL]
  • There was a mini-line brawl in the Canada vs. Russia pre-Olympic match in Sochi. [THN]
  • Thoughts and prayers for Eddie Olczyk, diagnosed with colon cancer. [Hawks | SCH | Sun-Times]
  • The NWHL schedule is out. [Ice Garden]
  • Ilya Bryzagalov’s classic “why you haff to be mad?” line makes it into the Overwatch video game. [SB Nation]