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Islanders News: Doyle change, Dynasty softball, Da Beauts

Back when beer league softball counted as offseason training.

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders
You two beauts, you.
Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Today is Tuesday, which, well, usually beats Monday.

Islanders Reads

  • After finishing his senior year, sounds like Doyle Somerby will elect for unrestricted free agency on Aug. 15. As Dan said, “I’m finding it hard to muster any emotions about this.” [LHH | Boston Globe]
  • There aren’t words to describe this story of the days when the Dynasty-era Islanders played lots of summer softball on Long Island and even in Shea Stadium. So just go read it. [Isles]
  • It’s time for a sequel to the first-ever LHH pick-up game. Register your interest here so we can get this thing going. [LHH Fanpost]
  • Here’s your ECHL affiliate Worcester Railers promotion schedule for 2017-18. [Railers]

It’s summer, so we’ll take any highlights: Anders Lee Nick Leddy and Brock Nelson scored last night:

Beyond the Softball Diamond

  • This feels like deja vu, but the Coyotes will be patient with Dylan Strome, since they want him to succeed as a center. [Yahoo]
  • To be clear, the NHL won’t allow AHL players on NHL contracts to participate in the Olympics either. Europe-based ones can though. [SB Nation]
  • Last week they had the worst contract on each of 31 teams. Now here’s the best ones, perhaps. I guess it’s not Tavares because his is almost over? Okay. [SB Nation]
  • In the latest of a summer series, what if the Oilers had never traded for Chris Pronger? He’d have gone to another team for pennies on the dollar, because an NBA-loving Wal-Mart heir-in-law decided to bail on the Blues. [Puck Daddy]
  • Do the Vegas Knights have a plan? is a question worth asking ever since their expansion draft. [Puck Daddy]
  • Sidney Crosby is 30 so there are lots of tribute articles to his 30 best moments and things and such, but here also are 30 reasons to hate him if you’re a Caps sympathizer or think maybe nut-spears and finger-maiming is bad. [RMNB]
  • The Hockeyville (U.S. version) rink that won because it needs upgrades...isn’t fit for NHL play so it won’t get to host a Penguins preseason game. Okay. [AP]
  • Groundbreaking trans athlete Harrison Browne won’t retire after all, delaying his transition and signing with New York of the NWHL to play a little more, and make a little off-ice impact too. [Ice Garden]