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Islanders News: Brooksie on Tavares; 'Canes on the rise?; Crosby with the Cup

Also, Nate Schmidt agrees to a contract with the Golden Knights.

Here is the only photo that comes up when you search for John Tavares and Nate Schmidt.
Here is the only photo that comes up when you search for John Tavares and Nate Schmidt.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy, LHH. User Turgeon1992 has created a FanPost looking to put together the 2nd ever LHH pick-up hockey game, a sequel to the original in 2012. For more details and information regarding the potential event, click here for his FanPost.

Islanders Briefings

  • Well folks, I'm sure you've seen or heard about Larry Brooks' column regarding John Tavares. Basically, he says that Tavares isn't lying when he says when he wants to stay; it is more so whether the situation seems geographically stable and potentially victory-breeding. And aren't those the age-old Islander questions? [NY Post]
  • The Encyclopedia has been updated accordingly, of course. [LHH]

Other Hockey Extendings

  • The Vegas Golden Knights took a player to arbitration before they ever played a game, which is an extremely NHL thing to do. Anyway, Nate Schmidt signed a 2-year deal following the arbitration decision. [Knights On Ice]
  • The Carolina Hurricanes have been ready to break out for like four off-seasons, but they finally actually look poised to do so with Scott Darling, a true No. 1 goaltender. Or... IS HE??? and two other questions facing the 'Canes. []
  • The Ottawa Senators seem to be transitioning from the 3D Senturion head that currently adorns their main jerseys to the Heritage 'O' introduced ten years ago. A step up for sure, but I do miss the old 2D Senturion head from the 90s. [Silver Seven Sens]
  • The United States beat Canada 7-5 in the World Junior Summer Showcase Final, with Calgary Flames prospect Adam Fox and New Jersey Devils prospect Joseph Anderson playing large roles. []
  • Sidney Crosby had his day with the Stanley Cup, and he chose to spend the day at a children's hospital and veteran's retirement home in Halifax of his home province of Nova Scotia. Check out photos and such from the Keeper of the Cup. [Sportsnet]