*Updated* 2nd Ever LHH Pick Up Hockey Game

Dear LHH netizens,

Back in 2012 (5 years ago actually) we held a LHH pick up game in Bethpage, Long Island at the Bethpage Ice Skating Center. This was a lot of fun and we had about 15 guys who showed up.

I am resurrecting that ghost here in this fan post to get an idea how many people would be interested in playing a pick up game with your fellow LHH members. Skill is not required, but some equipment is (skates, shin guards, cup, stick, helmet). We need all sorts of guy or gals to play if this thing actually happens.

Some important questions to consider

1. Where should we play?

2. When should we play (obviously a weekend)?

3. Who is interested and who thinks they can likely commit?

We'll keep info about the game here in this fanpost, so it doesn't get lost in the general commentary. I added a poll to this post. I think we need a solid 20 or so committed players for this to be a thing. The last time we played (thanks to GreekIsles wonderful memory) it cost Russel Ginert 200/hr to rent the rink and I think we had it for 2 hours. The more people who play, the cheaper this becomes. I can inquire about rink pricing around me, but I live in Westchester and I know many LHH posters are on LI. I'm fine with the game taking place on LI, but I don't know any rinks on LI save the one we played in (which required a TOB resident to rent for that cheap).

Anyway, let me know who's in, who's serious, and who has some more ideas.

UPDATE: There is now a form to indicate your preferred dates/times here.

2nd UPDATE: I've found a spot: Port Washington Skating Center. The guy, Fred, is giving me until Sept. 5th to send him the deposit, which I will do once I have some money from guys. If we’re going to do this with 30 guys, then I think $25 each is fair. Any extra money can be put toward a bar meet up afterwards or t-shirts. Whatever we decide. My paypal email is The earlier I get the money, the earlier we officially have this ice time. If you send me via PayPal, please put LHH in the memo, so I can keep track. If you have Venmo or would rather mail a check, please email me at the above email address and I'll give you the pertinent information that way (don't really want to post my address or my wife's venmo account name).

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