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Islanders News: The Chiefs are at home tonight against Hyannisport at The War Memorial at 8.

Good seats are still available.

Arizona Coyotes v New York Islanders
Doan let the door hit you on the way out.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Happy Thursday.

Islanders stuff


  • Coyotes captain/legend Shane Doan announced his retirement yesterday. Remember, you’re “Not that kind of player” as long as you’re nice to the guys with the microphones after games. [FFH | Sarah on his legacy in the desert |]
  • Things have been bad with the Avalanche for a long time, judging by how they’ve treated some players on the way out the door. [MHH]
  • A Bi-Lingual Visa commercial starring two Sharks and a Bruin. [FTF]
  • The rink that was the basis for the War Memorial in Slap Shot will be named after a bank because that’s the way it is now. But what’s gonna happen to the team when the factory shuts down? [AP]
  • Taylor Swift, Kanye West, The Los Angeles Kings and the Philadelphia Flyers all collide in a Twitter beef. Must be August in the NHL. [SBN]