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Islanders News: John Tavares, Belmont and other fantasies

As in: fantasy hockey, is all

New York Islanders v New York Rangers
He will find a way.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In the matter of The People vs. a Peaceful John Tavares Contract Extension, Mike Bossy said a thing, everyone lost their [Avery] about it, then Arthur Staple dispelled it.

Just your usual Tuesday, is all.

Islanders Reads

A Montreal “report” said Tavares turned down an offer of eight years, $84 million. The “source” happened to be Mike Bossy. Given the resulting firestorm (which I will no doubt hear about in inquiries at pickup hockey, where poorly sourced national news comes out in the mouths of the innocent), Arthur Staple of Newsday said that’s not what he heard, not at all, and as pretty much everyone has figured throughout the entire Tavares Contract Speculation, it’s not at all about the money, but rather about the future. [LHH and Puck Daddy, with key Staple tweets]

Here’s one more:

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the Islanders’ fantasy hockey candidates. [Dobber]

And that’s it. That’s what we talked about yesterday. You can talk about it more today if you want. It’s (still) August.


  • Brad May out, Martin Biron and his blue eyes in, on the Sabres broadcast team. [Buffalo News]
  • With the Flyers retiring Eric Lindros’ #88, Avalanche fans remember better times and thank Eric The Great (and his parents, honestly) for being dicks to Quebec. [Mile High Hockey]
  • News linking Jaromir Jagr to Calgary have Flames fans excited and— oh, never mind, here’s Tanner Glass on a PTO. [M&G]
  • PTOs, get yer PTOs here! All the PTOs so far in an on-going list. [SB Nation]
  • In a lucrative, hilarious and “woe, capitalism” deal, the Leafs’ [tires or airline of some sort] arena will basically be renamed what the Senators [bank or telco of some sort] arena used to be named a couple of corporations ago. [SB Nation]
  • Old time hockey players who have head issues thanks to old time hockey norms can get help. [NY Sports Day]
  • Speaking of which, they experimented with a “warning line” on the ice within three feet of the boards, but researchers found players put their heads down and increase their risk of head injury. Judging by the picture, I can believe it. More distracting than anything, and frankly, potential victims know where the boards are. [CBC]
  • The excellent tale of the Philippines defeating undefeated Thailand for ice hockey gold. [Puck Daddy]