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Islanders News: de Haan signs; More Tavares commentary; Duchene, again

Also, Cockerill impresses, while Smith gets a job (no not me).

General appreciation caption for No. 91.
General appreciation caption for No. 91.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders News

  • Okay, so Calvin de Haan and the Islanders agreed to a one-year deal with a $3.3 AAV. At least they avoided arbitration, but a one-year deal with the player being a year away from UFA may indicate one side isn't looking to continue the relationship. Unclear which side. [Newsday | LHH]
  • de Haan went on the radio yesterday to discuss his deal, and spoke with the team site's Cory Wright with the same purpose. He's looking to build on the year he personally had and is looking forward to a full season of Doug Weight. [LHH|]
  • While on the radio, de Haan was asked about the likelihood of John Tavares staying beyond this season. He believes that Tavares is a loyal guy that isn't beating around the bush and says what he means, and thinks he sticks around. This has been added to the Encyclopedia. [LHH]
  • Another of the three pieces of hockey literature that found their way into the encyclopedia was the section of Puck Daddy Countdown that Ryan Lambert dedicated to JT. I think he sums up perfectly how to handle this situation - I don't want to trade him, but we're not the Lightning, coming off a Stanley Cup run followed by a Conference Final run. It isn't the same situation as Steven Stamkos if Tavares doesn't sign in the next few months. We can't really afford to just hope he stays.
  • Recent 7th-round pick Logan Cockerill continues to impress at the World Junior Summer Showcase in Plymouth, Michigan: he tallied an assist on USA Blue's lone goal.
  • All-time great Isles goalie and sharer of an excellent last name Billy Smith was hired by the Barrie Colts as their Director of Goaltending. "Here's how you swat at Wayne Gretzky, kids." [Barrie Colts]

Not Islanders, But News

  • Matt Duchene also broke a long silence yesterday when he spoke with TSN, and he sounds either like he's resigned to moving on before the season, or that he politely wants out of Denver ASAP. Remains to be seen whether the Avalanche actually trade him before the season starts, however. [ | Sportsnet | Mile High Hockey]
  • Meanwhile, Mikael Granlund has only one objective: a deeper Minnesota Wild playoff run. His mission, should he choose to accept it: beat the... hmm... you know maybe it's just early in the morning and I'm groggy, but I can't point to a team in the West that I can definitively say has the best chance to come out of it. Wide open. [Star Tribune]
  • Monumental Sports, the company that owns the Verizon Center, is negotiating a deal to rename the building after Capital One. No word if they've also secured a sponsorship with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. [Washington Post]
  • The Devils announced they will retire Patrik Elias's No. 26 on February 24, before a game against the Islanders. [AATJ |]
  • And speaking of retired numbers, Down Goes Brown identifies five players that have surprisingly haven't had their numbers retired by the franchise for which they had success. [The Hockey News]