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Islanders News: Lee's donuts; Soderstrom's success; Butcher's choice; DOGS

Also, Jagr is reportedly somewhat close to an NHL deal, allegedly. Also, PUPPIES.

This was his face when the hosts asked about his donuts.
This was his face when the hosts asked about his donuts.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There are 39 days until Islanders hockey, as of today. Crawling to the start.

Reports of a Long... Island

Who would've expected the Islanders logo to end up on a NASCAR car? Who would've wanted it? I don't think there's all that much crossover between the two fandoms, but I've certainly been wrong before. Enjoy the #74 car with an Islanders logo and color scheme inspired by the hideous 2011-2014 alternates. I don't know.

  • [VIDEO]: Anders Lee talks Krispy Kreme donuts, last season, and of course John Tavares with the NHL Tonight crew, which apparently features Ken Daneyko now. It may have been news already, but this video taught me that Anders is engaged, so congratulations to him. It also sounds like Anders moves away from his mic a bit, beware. [Islanders]
  • Linus Soderstrom spoke with Eyes on the Prize's Patrik Bexell regarding the previous SHL season's successes and the upcoming season's excitement. [LHH]
  • CanucksArmy writer Matthew Henderson (@mhenderson95) was inspired by the MLB's friendly nickname jersey weekend and designed new jerseys with nicknames for every team, planned around the matchups for Columbus Day weekend (so the Islanders would be playing the Sabres for this event). The Avalanche jersey appears twice so that the Bruins can join the fun on Columbus Day.

Beyond the Beaches

  • Prized college free agent defenseman and Hobey Baker winner Will Butcher has finally made his decision, fleeing the Avalanche for the New Jersey Devils. You'll recall that Alex Kerfoot, the other prized college free agent this summer, left the Devils for the Avalanche. And Butcher's first NHL game will be against the Devils, if he plays this season in the NHL. *taunting sing-song voice* Draaaaaamaaaaaaa! [AATJ | North Jersey | Puck DaddyMSG]
  • The Winnipeg Jets have signed Matt Hendricks, probably because he's a glue guy or something. But if he's a glue guy, wouldn't he just get stuck to all the other players? This has been a terrible joke, thanks for listening. [Jets]
  • Jaromir Jagr's agent Petr Svoboda is quoted as saying they "will get something done" with an NHL team this season, meaning there may be steady talks with NHL teams, though he didn't specify which ones. I'd looooooove if one of them was the Islanders, but I highly doubt that is the case. []
  • Dan Girardi seems to be settling into Tampa - he bought his house from his boss, Lightning GM Steve Yzerman. I had no idea that Corey Masiask started writing for the NY Post, but a fun and intelligent jab at the end of the article indicated this was no ordinary Post writer. [NY Post]
  • DOGGIES! Saturday was National Dog Day and the NHL and its various employees didn't disappoint. NHL players and teams sure love their dogs, and I also love their dogs. As well as my dog. And all dogs. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • In all seriousness folks, Hurricane Harvey has been nothing short of a complete disaster. Lives and families are being destroyed and there aren't enough resources. Please take this time to find a way to help Houston and its surrounding areas. [SBN]