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Islanders News: [insert Caddyshack joke here]

You’ll get nothing and like it!

NHL: New York Rangers at New York Islanders
Big hitter, the Lama. Long.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Saturday. Apparently, there’s some sort of big fight on the TV tonight. Enjoy (or don’t).

Later this morning, we’ll have a short interview with Linus Söderström as he and HV-71 start the Champions Hockey League tournament.

If you’re in Texas or otherwise in the path of Hurricane Harvey, please stay safe.

Islanders stuff

  • Our own Carp Lad Calvin de Haan missed the cut at the Ottawa Sun Scramble golf tournament this week, as did Claude Giroux. Maybe they’re just super focused on the season. [Ottawa Sun]
  • BioSteel camp is an interesting place every year, where the players seem really loose. Josh Ho-Sang had some fun things to say, including about Mayweather-McGregor. [Sportsnet]

Other stuff

  • The time for bargain free agent hunting has begun, and the Devils picked up Drew Stafford for about $800K for this season. [AATJ]
  • We’ve talked beyond nauseam about John Tavares’s impending free agency, but who else will be available next summer? It’s basically Evander Kane and then everyone else. [SBN]
  • The Blues are having trouble getting a new practice facility built because a council member wants a delay. [Post-Dispatch]