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Islanders News: Tavares in Toronto?; AHL "expansion"; Twitter history

Also, Tanner Fritz hopes to make it to the NHL some day.

Here they are in opposition. Scroll down for a twist.
Here they are in opposition. Scroll down for a twist.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Happy Eclipse Day, folks. Get outside around 2:30 to watch it. Do whatever it takes to do so. Stare into the sun.

Combined News Today Because There Isn't Much Going on in the NHL on August 21

  • Puck Daddy breaks down whether it's actually possible (it's not) that John Tavares signs a one-year deal with the Maple Leafs, as Craig Button hot-taked. [Puck DaddyEncyclopedia]
  • Tanner Fritz gets the local-boy treatment in the Grand Prairie Daily-Herald Tribune, way up in Alberta. They're optimistic about his NHL chances; I am not.
  • Charles Wang (who?) launched the Ice Hockey Hope Project back in 2005 and it will now begin to hold girls' games in China as well.
  • The AHL will be adding a 31st team next season so that the Blues and the Golden Knights will no longer have to share the Chicago Wolves, whom the Knights seemingly stole right out from under the Blues. The Colorado Eagles will move from the ECHL to the AHL, and will become the Avalanche minor league affiliate. The Knights will retain the Wolves, and the Blues will take the Avs' current minor league team, the San Antonio Rampage. Breathe. [SBN]

A piece of history from Les (HockeyGoalieEh):

And also a piece of gross history. Good for you, Nick Bonino, but I'm fairly certain Kris Draper's kid took a shit in there, and I believe urine has found its way into that Cup as well, though I can't confirm: