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Islanders News: Tavares of course; Trottier on winning

Also, a visit from the Lachance family.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders Info

  • John Tavares has had a good summer, aside from injury rehab. Our boy is getting married! And isn't afraid of playing without an extension.
  • And yet, Sportsnet says we should be worried in a way that caught the ire of Dan. Expect more of these.
  • It has, of course, been documented. [LHH]
  • The Worcester Raiders have signed Nick Saracino, a second year pro with no relation to Dan nor a girl I went to high school with. [RailersHC | The Tele]
  • Shane Lachance, son of Scott, is a hockey and baseball whiz in Andover, MA.
  • The Grand Prairie Junior A Storm are hosting an alumni weekend. Among the attendees: Tanner Fritz.
  • Bryan Trottier discusses what it's like to win, and why the current Penguins are so damn good at it. [THN]

Not Islanders Info