The Case For Jagr

This is really really rough and not too thought out just a quick counter to the Eyes On Isles piece arguing against Jagr. This doesn't even account for Shane Prince and Alan Quine which should honestly be waived.

Jagr vs Chimera

Chimera is cheapish, his goal scoring is ok, but look at that shot suppression. Jagr is easily worth 2 Xhimeras (~2.25m x2) and doesn't hemorrhage shots against.

Jagr vs Kulie

Kulie is better defensively than Chimera but still not anywhere near on par with Jagr. If we can trade a pick for someone to take Kulies 4.1m cap hit we could easily offer it to Jagr and get way better scoring / assists while still being defensively sound.

Jagr vs Clutterbuck

I love Clutter, i really do, but we locked him up for 5 years at 3.5m aav. This prevents us from doing one year high risk (age injury) high reward (way way way better player ) contracts like a 1 year of Jagr (4 ish mill) could be.

Jagr vs Nelson

Nelsons contract is a good value for us and i think he is a way better player than his last seasons performance. Jagr is 45 and still a more well rounded player.

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