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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 36 - Karl Alzner Blocked Me on Twitter

And Seth Helgeson is not Swedish.

Islanders Anxiety Art

In their (probable) final show of the summer, Mike and Dan talk about the deals made on the first day of free agency and why the Islanders sat out the festivities. They also wonder why Matt Duchene hasn't been traded, why the Islanders would wait to sign John Tavares and why it feels like Seth Helgeson has played way more than just 50 NHL games. Mike also divulges why new Canadiens defenseman Karl Alzner blocked him on Twitter back in 2004.

Meanwhile, Dan absolutely butchers the name of the Islanders’ new depth goalie, Kristers Gudlevskis. It’s pronounced “güd (rhymes with ‘mood’)-LEV-skeez” according to the Lightning’s 2013 development roster. Apparently, there’s no “Elvis” in there. Unfortunately.

Thanks to everyone for listening this this season. We really appreciate your clicks and listens and shares and generally letting us vent about this crazy team a few times a month.

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