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Islanders News: The Daily Tavares Weight; Turgeon and Al

Also: We remember yesterday in history, 2006.

New York Islanders v Edmonton Oilers
No but seriously, again with these two...
Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

It’s Wednesday and my car won’t start. Sure, probably the battery but...WHY SHOULD A 3-YEAR-OLD BATTERY JUST GO KAPUT?


Some Islanders Reading/Listening Then

  • Doug Weight answered the call (again) for an NHL Network interview (again) to discuss the John Tavares Contract Situation (again), handling it smoothly (again). [NHL]
  • Which is both good and proper. Give John time. [Fan Rag]
  • Pierre Turgeon was at Islanders Fantasy Camp over the weekend, where he got to recall 1993, and the lessons from Al Arbour (and Patrick Flatley) that he’ll take into his new gig as an assistant coach with the Kings. [NHL]

An important exercise from yesterday:

Me? Well, at the time there were only TWO NHL lockouts, and I’ll just say that I was at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, when I saw the news across the ESPN bottom line ticker. I distinctly remember thinking, “Jesus, just when I thought the laughingstock stuff was over...”

Not Really Islanders at All

  • Arbitration season is here (we await news on Calvin de Haan), and Tomas Tatar’s ask is perhaps lower than rumored. [WIIM | TSN]
  • Where will (should) Jaromir Jagr land? [Puck Daddy]
  • Nobody wants to buy Charles Dolan’s [fill in the blank, any blank here] sports TV network. [Post]
  • The chief Lightning prize in the Drouin deal thinks he’s ready for the NHL now. [TSN]
  • A little more on that Predators fan who won Stanley Cup finals tickets except he didn’t really because he doesn’t check Twitter enough. [Puck Daddy]
  • Zack Kassian is overpaid for a fourth liner but maybe that’s because the Oilers see him as more than that. [Oilers Nation]
  • It is very important that you know why Dominic Moore returned to the Leafs. (No it’s not, it’s just summer.) [Sportsnet]
  • Bill Foley talked about his business and the creation of the Vegas Knights. [Forbes] Of note, he mentioned that his team is up among the league’s elite in ticket revenue. [SB Nation]
  • The NHL should do as the NBA has done with its multi-jersey kit system. [SB Nation]