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Islanders News: Salary cap thoughts, Barkley and Milbury

Also: The Predators delight.

Upper Deck NHL Rookie Debut
Summer eyes on these two, for very different reasons.
Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, all hail the catfish. Next game is Thursday.

Islanders Reads

  • Looking at the Islanders cap situation and offseason plans, well...everything depends on John Tavares. [NHL Numbers]
  • Last night during Game 4, Charles Barkley got to see a playoff game in person after praising them all spring. NBC had him on during intermission, where Mike Milbury didn’t share his enthusiasm for the Spano 30 for 30. [LHH]

The Final

The Stanley Cup final is now a best of three, with the series tied 2-2 after Nashville’s 4-1 (EN) Game 4 win. Last night was kind of like this:

This Mike Fisher pass was kind of crazy and perfect:

  • Pekka Rinne -- with essential help from Roman Josi -- made an amazing save last night, but it sounded way better in Finnish. [SB Nation]
  • The Predators are analytics adherents, which is why their play in Games 1 and 2 gave them hope despite the losses. [NHL]
  • More Charles Barkley fun here. [SB Nation | Puck Daddy]
  • Some weatherman in Pittsburgh -- you know, where they’ve never had half-empty buildings, if you ignore significant stretches of the ‘70s, and ‘80s, and ‘90s, and 2000s -- mocked Predators fan support, and you know can hockey fans just chill?
  • There was also PK Subban and the Listerine Latest. [SB Nation]

But Also...

  • So they say the 1984-85 Oilers were the best ever, but Wayne Gretzky says the 1991-92 Penguins would’ve been a great match. [NHL]
  • Valery Nichushkin’s possible return from the KHL makes the Stars’ expansion draft plan a little murky. [SB Nation]
  • The game is perfect so the NHL’s competition committee made two minor rule recommendations. [Sportsnet]
  • Do RFA offer sheets really provoke retaliation and escalation? [PPP]
  • China’s NWHL team has its first signings, and they’re legit. [Ice Garden]
  • How much will Sharks fans hate the Golden Knights? [Fear The Fin]
  • Wanna check out Scouting Combine test results? [NHL]