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All the Victor Cru(s...Rydberg)s have left New York

And so go our dreams to confuse readers with Victor Crus/z stories. Alas.

Plymouth Whalers v London Knights
In North America, Crus-Rydberg skated among Whalers.
Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

File this under Offseason: Bookkeeping and forgive us 250 words about something insignificant.

In the NHL, June 1 is an annual date for some under-the-radar prospect news. For the New York Islanders, the date passed with a “bonafide offer” to David Quenneville (don’t ask, it’s CBA minutia to retain unsigned draft picks’ rights and happens all the time) and in unofficial news, the lapse of their rights to Swedish 2013 draft pick Victor Crus-Rydberg.

Taken in the fifth round of 2013 (136th overall), at the time Crus-Rydberg in some quarters had higher praise than you typically associate with a fifth-rounder. (Also at the time, for those of you around the globe or not otherwise American football-aware, Victor Cruz was a star receiver for the NFL New York Giants. Who are not to be confused with baseball’s San Francisco Giants...who originated in New York. I digress.)

But as these things go, the career of the Victor “Crus With An S” plateaued at “good, smart player, but not special.” In retrospect, 136th overall was about right.

He came to North America to play juniors with OHL Plymouth — where he reports to home media on “encountering players like Connor McDavid numerous times” — but ultimately he didn’t show enough promise for the Isles to convince him to stay.

He did have a seven-game amateur trial with the Islanders’ AHL affiliate Bridgeport Sound Tigers in 2014-15 between his first and second OHL seasons, logging zero points. After that second OHL season, he headed back home, which was a strong but not official sign that his future lay not with the Isles.

Now it’s official. After a couple of seasons in Sweden — first in the second tier, then last season in Division 1 -- he recently signed with Division 2 Kalmar.

So, I mean, the ship sailed with this draft pick a couple of years ago and it’s no surprise June 1 passed without news of a contract. But officially now, you can say: New York has said goodbye to all its Victor Cruz/s-es.