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Watch a cartoon Bryan Trottier explain the history of the playoff beard

Okay, techically he’s real and everyone else is a cartoon. But it’s still pretty awesome.

Go Team Venture!

Even when the current team misses the playoffs, the Islanders always get at least a few mentions during the NHL post-season thanks to the legend of the team inventing the playoff beard.

We’ve heard that story every year and it never gets old no matter who’s doing the telling. But this is a new one: a short animated film narrated by Islanders legend Bryan Trottier about how the team created an NHL tradition.

Here, watch:

I love this. It’s like The Venture Brothers fell into that giant Islanders YouTube rabbit hole we all find ourselves in now and again and came out the other side.

The short is part of NHL Network’s animated series Stanley Cup Stories, which premiered this week and is hosted by Boomer Esiason. Here’s another one in which Bill Guerin nearly takes a man’s life because he thought he had forgotten to bring him the Cup.

Trottier says the beards were born (along with another legend) during the Islanders’ historic 1975 playoff run, which he experienced as an 18-year-old. That’s a little bit different than the timelines we’ve heard before, but like any great story, there might be some dramatic license going on. The last guy I’m going to argue with is Bryan Trottier.

No. Wait. The second to last guy I’m going to argue with is Bryan Trottier. The actual last guy I’m going to argue with is this guy, who is clearly a clone grown from the DNA of Bob Nystrom and security expert, killing machine and Led Zeppelin fan Brock Samson.

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