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Islanders News: Hand of Tavares, Window of (Brooklyn) Renegotiation

Also: Worlds results, and we got two Games 7 Wednesday

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders - Game Three
Who’s got to the key to this kitchen?
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning. Last night the Washington Capitals turned back the clock on Marc-Andre Fleury, blowing up the Penguins goaltender like they had Kyle Okopso v. 2013.

A 5-2 Caps win means a Game 7 Wednesday — before the West Coast Game 7 with the Ducks and Oilers — one Metro rival or the other will exit with the “choke” label.

Tonight’s only game features the Senators with a chance to eliminate the Smurfs at the Garden.

But closer to the Islanders homefront, some non-urgent but interesting news...

Islanders Reading

  • John Tavares had hand surgery and is still in a cast, but he’s gonna be okay. He can still sign the contract. [Newsday | LHH]
  • Speaking of which, we updated our Encyclopedia of Tavares Telling Toronto to Get Lost because Keith had a funny tweet connecting that to the previous story. (If you’re unfamiliar with that long-running and now quite long post, well it’s where we house all the times Tavares — or insiders — have basically countered the “Tavares will leave” narrative pushed in other circles.
  • And speaking of contracts, the one between the Islanders and Barclays Center is officially open for renegotiation. That’s “news” in the technical sense, though not in the “would you look at this?” sense, as yesterday was the last day for the areener to trigger the renegotiation window stipulated in their agreement. [Newsday | LHH]
  • This article is...puzzlingly composed. But it’s about Anders Lee scoring lots this past season. [IIHF17]
  • Musing over Josh Ho-Sang’s potential production, linemates. [THW]

Last Night

About last night in the NHL, you ask?