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Isles Videocast Episode 1: Talking All Things Anthony Beauvillier with guest Alex Novet

Tonight, May 23rd, 2017 at 8 PM EST right here.

Man of the hour
Man of the hour
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned on Friday, Tonight will feature the first official pre-planned live Isles Video-Cast of the offseason.

What is a video-cast you ask?  Well it's like a podcast, except we'll be livestreaming to a video site (for this first one, we'll be using Youtube Video) so that we can present things on screen - stats, for instance.  We'll be a little limited in what we can show due to copyright laws (I'd love to be able to show clips of Beauvillier in the neutral zone for instance, but I'm pretty sure that'd get my channel taken down), but the format should allow us to show the numbers, rather than simply talk about them.

Tonight's stream will begin at 8PM Eastern Standard Time, and will be broadcast here:

The Agenda will be a full stream talking pretty much entirely about Anthony Beauvillier.  Joining me will be Alex Novet of Hockey-Graphs.  We'll talk about the scouting reports of Beauvillier going into last year, how Beau wound up performing relative to expectations, how Beau compares to other past NHLers, and where Beau should be expected to go from here.  This should be roughly a 45-60 minute stream, and we will take questions at the end.

Look forward to seeing y'all there.