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Islanders News: Belmont Ballet; Beauvillier’s bow; Operatic Overtimes

As always, curb your enthusiasm.

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday’s arena news is probably all we’ll get for the weekend. Or maybe not. Enjoy the playoff games.

Islanders Stuff

  • So the commish says the Islanders are ready to bid on a building at Belmont. Okay then. [LHH | Newsday | Atlantic Yards Report]
  • Not sure if we had this already, but here’s a look at Anthony Beauvillier’s occasionally fun rookie season. [Islanders]
  • Prospect playoffs: Mathew Barzal had an assist in Seattle’s thrilling win in Game 1 of the WHL West finals [My Northwest]. | Linus Soderstrom and HV71 are down 2-1 in the SHL final against Brynas. Game 4 is today. [SHL]
  • Wanna buy almost half of the Nets? Only $1.6 billion should cover it. [Forbes]
  • New Yawk Stuff: Da Mike and da Mad Dog Turdy-fa-Turdy movie premeered at da Tribecer film festivul last nite, dawg. It’s a good one, according to Sports on Earth.


  • Last night’s NHL scores. Both games went to OT, with the Caps taking the lead on the Leafs and the Bruins staying alive against the Senators.
  • The evolution of Nazem Kadri, who was trade bait just a few seasons ago. [Nat’l Post]
  • In case you were still wondering why it’s “Leafs” and not “Leaves,” here you go. It’s all very... proper. [WaPo]
  • Wow. You mean the guys who could walk away want to stay with their current club? That’s highly unusual. [Calgary Herald]
  • Or maybe the Flames should bless their next season with a Bishop. [Sportsnet]
  • Whatever they do, they shouldn’t overcorrect and scuttle a good team. [Sportsnet]
  • Being eliminated means being introspective: The Blue Jackets should have seen the warning signs [The Cannon] | And the Blackhawks face the possible end of a near dynasty. [SBN]
  • More fallout from Buffalo. Man, there was some serious behind the scenes drama with the Sabres, and everybody has the knives out. [Buffalo News]
  • In which the Predators mascot becomes a hero to the people by dunking on ESPN. Good for you, Gnash. [Awful Announcing]