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Islanders News: "Get in the hole!"

What a beautiful day to golf if you're a hockey player.

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Missing my son right now.
Missing my son right now.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I, uh... happy Friday? Happy Friday.

Islanders News

Non-Isles Goodies

  • Last night's NHL scores. Another OT game and road win in the other Game 1's.
  • Some random chucko (okay, I) attempt to predict the first round of the playoffs. I'm doing alright so far! [The Unbalanced]
  • Hannah Bevis reflects on the Ice Garden's first season as a blog. Thank you Zach Pearce and all the folks who bring us great coverage of women's hockey!
  • The Flyers will be in the market for a goalie this summer. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • I was really hoping they would go with Cappy, but the Vegas Golden Knights have named Gerard Gallant their first head coach in history. []