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Thick McRunfast is our First Islanders Goal Champion for 2016-17!

Congratulations to the reader whose guesses were way better than yours.

FIG Champion 2016-17
You’re the best, around! Nothing’s ever gonna bring you down!

It came down to the wire, but Thick McRunfast was able to hold back a late charge by several contestants to earn this year's P.A. Parenteau Memorial Trophy as Lighthouse Hockey’s 2016-17 First Islanders Goal (FIG) Champion!

McRunfast is now the keeper of the coveted (and virtual) Bronze Trash Can, complete with discarded youth jerseys, until a new champion is crowned a year from now.

Congratulations, Thick, you've certainly earned it!

For those who don’t know, the FIG pick competition* is our little gameday contest where each LHH reader is invited to pick who scores the first Islanders goal that night. (Picking “shutout” is also an option, if you’re not a believer in the whole offense thing.) You get points if you select the right scorer, while there is extra credit if you get the right assists and are closest to the correct time of the goal.

*Illegal in some states. Void where prohibited. Virtual prizes are not-refundable and cannot be exchanged for currency.

Honorable Mention: Our Youngest FIG-picker

Thank you to everyone who participated this year, including Doctor Osty's four-year-old son Dylan. After being made aware of his picks, I went back and searched through the last 40 or so games (when the youngster started participating) and discovered that he got one game right, picking Josh Bailey when nobody else did. Thus, this blue chip prospect earned three big points, and his position is now shown in the updated standings below. In the tradition of all other Islander prospects, Dylan will now be expected to get every game right next year. No pressure, rookie! :-)

Take a nice long break, but get your prognostication powers honed in again in 5 months, and I'll see you all again in October!

Final Standings

22 – Thick McRunfast
20 – Mulligan
20 – Ukiddinme
18 – zack779
17 – Doc_Ad

16 – SafeArbour
13 – RickyD39
12 – kinggillies
11 – DoctorOsty
10 – Katzenhammer

9 – Dominik
9 – Butchie’s Helmet
7 – Snowangledalkinuano
5 – BrooklynTech
4 – The Black Map

3 – Dylan, son of Doctor Osty
3 – CorneliusWoods
3 – mikefromVA
3 – St. Dick
3 – SteveThe2nd
3 – Stack_on_me

2 – bagskate
2 – Dan VA
2 – vallay

Editor’s note: Thanks also to Mike (ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles), our resident power rankings maestro, for also tracking these each year and updating standings throughout the year, despite having a young child and all the non-stop spread of contagions and snot that implies.

Editor to the editor’s note: Let this be prove that not every competition at LHH is fixed. Long live our fearless leader!