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Coach Clips: Isles to pass on Julien for now, Cappy to hit up Vegas

The NHL Unemployment Office is about to get busy.

New York Islanders v Florida Panthers - Game Two
Hm. Hit on 16?
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Blogging is a tough gig, man. I write this whole stupid thing about how candid Islanders interim coach Doug Weight has been with reporters so far, and no one really cares because of a tweet from a universal hockey insider about a coach no one will be hearing from for a while.

Earlier this evening, TSN’s Bob McKenzie dropped some knowledge about the Islanders and Claude Julien, who was fired by the Bruins on Tuesday.

Uncle Bob is as solid as they come, but he’s sorta hedging his bets with that, “subject to change” tag. I can’t say I’m surprised exactly (Weight’s only been in charge for nine games and the Islanders are 6-1-2 in that time), but I think we all kinda filed a conversation between Julien and the Islanders under the “due diligence” category. Regardless, there’s reason to be concerned that the Islanders could be removing themselves from a chance to get at one of the best NHL coaches that’s been available in some time.

Arthur Staple followed up with his own info, which opens up the time frame a little for the Islanders to maybe act later on Julien or fired Blues coach Ken Hitchcock.

McKenzie said he expects both the Panthers and the expansion Vegas Golden Knights to ask the Bruins for permission to talk to their ex-coach. The new team could name a coach before the end of the season, per outspoken owner Bill Foley, but they could also pick one after the regular season or before the draft. In other words: who the hell knows, especially when the list of available NHL coaches keeps getting longer and longer every week. There are bound to be a few more names to join the pool very soon.

Speaking of which...

Hey, you know what, good for Cappy. I hope it goes well whether he gets a gig or not. Maybe he’ll bring the HAHD n’ SMAHT to TEH STRIP.

And before you ask, no, the Islanders wouldn’t get a draft pick if the Golden Knights were to hire Capuano. The league did away with that rule a while back. We also have no idea what Capuano’s contract status was when the team sacked him, or even if he had a contract and wasn’t just working for gift cards to Bass Pro Shops.

So there’s your NHL coaching carousel update for the evening. Be sure to check back everyday because it’ll probably change again.

See, I told you there’d be an update: The Panthers will wait until the end of the season before asking if they can speak to Julien, per the Miami Herald’s George Richards. It’s The Tom Rowe Show in Sunrise for the rest of the schedule.