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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 30 - The Boys in the Back Room

[10,000 fire emojis pointed towards Hempstead]

Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan boil over as more Islanders arena drama obscures the good run the team is on under interim coach Doug Weight. They discuss the recent reports about Barclays Center's finances, the chances of the team relocating, the letter asking them to come to Hartford and the many, many, many distrustful, duplicitous political animals that helped to put the team in this situation and who now want to flip the script. Also, Jiffy Pop is mentioned.

Remember: Whatever happens, read beyond the headlines.

Thanks to Sound Cloud user(s) The B'town Groove Corps for the kind words. Glad we can bring the dysfunction and dirty politics of Nassau County right to your door, wherever it is.

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