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Islanders No-Game, No-Trade (Deadline) Update: Hamonic ends bag skate

The Islanders have no games for four days and are coming off a 7-0 whooping. Uh oh.

St Louis Blues v New York Islanders
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There are lots of trades happening ahead of the March 1 NHL trade deadline, some of them odd and some of them stupid, but none so far (and we’re betting: going forward) have involved the New York Islanders.

Meanwhile, the Isles are in the odd position of having four open days until their next game, coming off of Saturday’s ugly/embarrassing/atrocious/[your apocalyptic word of choice here] 7-0 implosion against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

That means...bag skate.

But also fun. (Okay, more like “fun,” air quotes style.) With some mid-practice details and post-practice quotes via Newsday’s Isles beatwriter Arthur Staple (@StapeNewsday):

Bag skate!

You know y’all deserve it.

Tough Time to Come Back, Cal

Cal Clutterbuck has been in and out (but mostly out) of the lineup over the last month with a nagging injury. You’d think a bag skate would be a tough time to prove he’s ready again, but then what better way to prove you’re finally, actually, no-for-real-this-time ready?

(That’s a joke. Just a joke. Chill. Although if you too want calf implants, I know a guy...)

Meanwhile, two guys who took part in Saturday’s disaster missed the bag skate. You know, they call Andrew Ladd a wily veteran. Hmm...

“Acted up,” you say. What did Ladd know, and when did he know it?

Anyway, the longest-running Isles injury involves defenseman Travis Hamonic. Good news, and a funny line on that front:

HEY, that’s MY dog!

It seems Hamonic helped end the bag skate “early” by completing a skills challenge from interim head coach Doug Weight:

So there you have it. That’s what’s happening on the Islanders front, while a good portion of the league engages in deadline horse trading.

If you missed some of the big ones so far:

The Islanders are back in action Thursday in Dallas, followed by Friday in Chicago. The road ahead isn’t any easier. But does Garth Snow dare make a move in this market? Is there one to be made with their contract commitments and the players on said market?

Meanwhile, down in Bridgeport sits Jaroslav Halak, a large part of the Sound Tigers’ 2017 resurgence. His highest value to the Isles is probably on their NHL roster rather than in a trade. But you know...

We’ll have threads and reactions and gallows humor if any moves come about. In the mean time, go have a bag skate.