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Islanders News: Lee-ding the pack; Renting is expensive these days

Two major rentals are off the market this trade deadline season.

Yeah, today's a stretch.
Yeah, today's a stretch.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bienvenue, folks. The trade deadline bonanza began last night, with Ben Bishop and Martin Hanzal finding new, surprising homes. The Islanders don't play until Thursday; the deadline is Wednesday. I can imagine Garth will look to make some changes (god I'm scared) but at least he's staying out of the crazy rental market, supposedly.

Islanders This

  • Anders Lee has been a difference-maker on the ice, but he's also been one off the ice, because he's a good boy. [Newsday]
  • Josh Winquist (yes, who?) scored a beauty of a game-winner against Hershey to prevent the Sound Tigers from losing three straight. [CT Post | Sound Tigers]

  • Check out some classic Mike Bossy photos. Good stuff. Wish I got to see him play. []
  • An interesting long-form piece on the Fisherman jerseys from Uni-Watch.
  • EDIT: Meant to add this, but Dan and Mike returned for another episode of Islanders Anxiety. Give it a listen! [LHH]

Hockey That

  • Yesterday and last night's NHL scores. The Bruins won, but the Panthers lost in regulation again. So it's not all bad.
  • Back to those trades: Ben Bishop was traded along with a pick to the Kings in exchange for a defensive prospect in Erik Cernak, a second-rounder, a seventh-rounder, and another conditional pick. [Raw Charge] Not an hour afterwards, news broke of Martin Hanzal being traded to the Wild, along with Ryan White, for a first-rounder (!), a second-rounder, another pick that could become a second-rounder conditionally, and Grayson Downing. [Hockey Wilderness] If these are rental prices, Garth should stay far away. So I fully expect him to give Tampa Bay our first-rounder for Brian Boyle.
  • Your Weekly Metro Division Snapshot, folks. [AATJ]
  • In their continuing series, Fear the Fin's Shark of the Week is Ed Belfour, who I never knew was a Shark. Nor did I ever know that the Blackhawks chose to keep him over Dominik Hasek. You know, the Dominik Hasek that became the greatest goalie of all-time and it's not particularly close? That Dominik Hasek? [Fear the Fin]
  • Belfour was sent to San Jose in a deadline deal. What goes on behind closed doors on deadline day? [Sportsnet]
  • "Slap Shot" is 40 years old, and the Hanson brothers still embrace it. []
  • And finally, shameless plug time: I was hired to write about hockey at The Unbalanced, a new start-up sports and politics website through Medium. I was able to get my first post, about Corsi (CF%), up on Friday, the first in a series in which I describe what the various advanced statistics represent and measure. Please do check it out, and look out for future articles from me. Thanks friends! [The Unbalanced]