Snow Acquires Duquesne!!

(This is a Zietgeist) Duquesne Mascot

Duke's Coming to Brooklyn

Islanders GM Garth Snow has posted to several social media platforms that he has finalized a deal that will bring the organization exclusive rights to Duquesne University. Snow quoted the following from his Twitter account:

"I finally heard and listened to our devoted fan base and made a deal for the rights to Duquesne"

Following that twitter comment Snow was contacted directly where he had this to say.

"People think that I’m isolated and arrogant and not in touch with our passionate fans. Well this proves otherwise. Many of our devoted fans have expressed a continued interest in getting Duquesne and I’ve done that. And the deal was pretty easy to make, costing only money. They seemed to be confused about my offer of players and a first round pick, but I believe I’ve gotten the best of this deal."

"I think that this will make our team more competitive for the rest of this season and beyond. And I also believe that that it will provide me with more access to young blond talent if you know what I mean".

He went on, further stating the following.

"I’m smarter than people think. In fact I’m smarter than almost everyone else, especially if you don’t count some scientists and nerdy types who may be smart but don’t have the common sense to see and act on a deal like this even when it’s right in front of them.

This deal is still contingent on league approval and their mascot "Duke" passing a physical.


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