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Islanders Gameday News: Hit the road, Jack

And don't you come back with no points no points no points no points!

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This feels so right.
This feels so right.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy partners. We got us here a matchup with the Red Wings of Deeeetroit yeehaw!

The Islanders kick off their season-long nine-game road trip tonight in Detroit, against good ol' buddy and Danish smiter Frans Nielsen. Puck drop is at 7:30 p.m. on MSG+2. FIGs can go here.

Islanders Wrangling

  • The Islanders still struggle on the road, having gone 1-4 under Doug Weight away from home. Time for that to change, or they'll fall out of the race fast. [Newsday]
  • The Islanders covet Matt Duchene above all other targets this trade deadline season, but Dan is right to say: don't hold your breath. Although I can't help but be excited. [LHH]
  • Apparently, the Isles have an offer on the table and it's quite substantial:

  • Thank you to LHHer Tessler22 for completing an Islanders Report Card. See how we graded out. [LHH FanPost]
  • For now, Ryan Pulock is okay with being an AHL star. For now. [CBS NY]
  • Let's check in with the rest of the prospects, shall we? Mathew Barzal has a ten-game point streak. [Islanders]

NHL Lassoing

  • Last night's NHL scores. The Panthers won again to complete a 5-0-0 Western Conference road trip. We could use a little something like that.
  • Trading season finally saw its first NHL trade: Michael Stone was sent by the Coyotes to the Flames for a 3rd rounder and a conditional 5th rounder. Woooooooooo. But was it worth it? [Matchsticks & Gasoline]
  • And while we're discussing the Flames, what's wrong with Johnny Gaudreau? (Hint: just his PDO). [FlamesNation]
  • George McPhee aims to build a high-flying offensive team out in Vegas. Good luck with that, Georgy Porgy. [TheScore]
  • Ryan Johansen wasn't acknowledged in his return to Columbus. [The Tennessean] But he should've been. [Buckeye State Hockey]
  • Uncle Bob McKenzie hates the idea of voting for the player "most valuable to his team" for Hart Trophy. [TSN]
  • Uncle Bob also wants us to be rational about head hits. I refuse to be rational! [TSN]
  • New York Riveters captain Ashley Johnston might play hockey, but it's only a small portion of her professional life as a full-time robotics engineer in Albany. [NY Post]
  • And finally, the Arizona Coyotes tweeted at their fans to stop doing the wave. [SBN]