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Video Vault: NHL100 tributes for Islanders on the league’s centennial list

Take 15 minutes and watch these.

Trottier Conn Smythe
Thanks, guys

I was going to post these on Monday but things got a little crazy. Fortunately, there’s never a bad time to stroll down Islanders memory lane and these videos from the NHL100 celebration during the All Star Game are perfect for junkies like us.

We’ve already spotlighted the video on Mike Bossy and his incredible career (and incredible confidence). But here are short retrospectives on the other four Islanders who made the final cut.

Thanks to Sab for sending these my way. The NHL - in a very NHL thing to do - kinda buried them on the NHL100 website and if you didn’t check that out, you probably missed them.

So here they are to enjoy in one place. (But beware: May contain recurring Coors Light commercials)

Denis Potvin

“If it was a tough game, he could play as tough as anybody. If it was a skate and shoot game, he could skate and shoot with the best of ‘em.” - Bill Torrey.

Pat LaFontaine

“Patty is one of the most incredible skaters that I’ve ever seen. He could just step by players. It didn’t even look like he was picking his skates up off the ice. He would just kinda shuffle. It was just absolutely beautiful to watch.” - Bob Nystrom.

Bryan Trottier

“Bryan is like the foundation of our team. He’s the type of player that does everything well.” - Al Arbour

Billy Smith

“Billy was the reason a lot of forwards wore ankle guards.” - Paul Holmgren

(Bonus: Amazing Smith toupee appearance at 3:13)